Microsoft survey reveals urgent pivots for leaders to help employees and organizations thrive

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A major new survey from Microsoft shows that bosses and workers fundamentally disagree about productivity when working from home.

Bosses worry about whether working from home is as productive as being in the office. While 87% of workers felt they worked as, or more, efficiently from home, 80% of managers disagreed.

The survey questioned more than 20,000 staff across 11 countries. The data points to three urgent pivots for leaders to drive alignment and empower people for the new ways we work. Because when employees thrive, organizations flourish.

The three pivots leaders need to make:

“Thriving employees are what will give organizations a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economic environment,” according to Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft. And, creating a culture and employee experience to meet the needs of today’s digitally connected, distributed workforce requires a new approach.

An unprecedented number of people also changed jobs during – and since – the pandemic. A phenomenon Microsoft has dubbed “the great reshuffle”, sees workers born after 1997 (so-called Generation Z) nearly twice as likely to switch jobs.

“At the peak of our ‘great reshuffle’ we saw a year-on-year increase of 50% of LinkedIn members changing jobs. Gen Z was at 90%,” the report said.

By 2030, Generation Z will make up about 30% of the entire workforce so managers need to understand them, according to LinkedIn’s boss.

Microsoft’s report found that younger generations are the most likely to aspire to be their own boss — 76% of Gen Z and millennials said that is a goal, compared with 63% of those who are Gen X and older. 

That’s why flexibility continues to be an important consideration for young workers.

Of the Gen Z and millennial employees polled, 77% said they’re more likely to remain in their current jobs if they are given the flexibility to pursue side projects for additional income, said Microsoft.

See full report here

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