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Microsoft beat analysts’ revenue projections by nearly $1 billion when it announced earnings for the fourth quarter of its 2019 fiscal year, as its cloud division Azure continues its path of strong expansion. CNN

The Australian Government is accelerating its bid to transform into one of the world’s top three digital governments by 2025, signing a three-year agreement with Microsoft Australia that will streamline cloud access for 98 federal agencies. Read More

During 2017, an increase of €7.2 million was registered in total expenditure on R&D activities, equivalent to 12.3 per cent. The Business Enterprise sector contributed 65.3 per cent to total R&D, whereas the Higher Education and Government sectors contributed 33.8 and 0.9 per cent respectively. NSO

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is to base a blockchain company in Malta. Read More

The Walt Disney Co. strongly disputed allegations from family heiress Abigail Disney, who said she found workers struggling when she recently visited Disneyland.  CNN

The International Energy Agency (IEA) doesn’t expect oil prices to rise significantly because demand is slowing and there is a glut in global crude markets, its executive director said on Friday. Reuters

The chance that Britain will leave the European Union without a deal is the highest since October 2017, economists polled by Reuters say, as arch-Brexiteer Boris Johnson looks set to take over as prime minister next week. Reuters 

Earlier the IEA said that it is reducing its 2019 oil demand forecast due to a slowing global economy amid a U.S.-China trade spat, its executive director said on Thursday. Reuters 

Google’s life sciences sister company Verily has created a baby monitoring system based around “smart nappies”, working with Procter & Gamble’s Pampers to use sensors, software and video to surveil when infants sleep, wee and poo. Financial Times 

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