Moment of anxiety during Toto Cutugno concert in Kiev

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There was a moment of tension during the concert of veteran Italian singer Toto Cutugno in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. A member of the audience suddenly climbed on stage as he was singing one of his most popular hits ‘L’italiano’.

Cutugno recently made the news in the Ukraine after a group of Ukrainian Members of Parliament wrote to Vasily Gritsak, the head of the Ukrainian security services, the SBU, asking for the Italian singer to be blacklisted because of his pro-Russian sympathies. This followed the official blacklisting of another veteran Italian singer, Al Bano for similar reasons.

See video of incident here

In the incident at the Kiev concert, it quickly resulted that the member of the audience had no bad intentions and was even invited by Cutugno, who kept his composure all along, to remain on stage.


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