More than a software company : Microsoft shaping the digital future

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According to Microsoft’s Regional Country Manager Peggy Antonakou, Microsoft is more than a software company. We shape the digital future. If you think your future is a digital one, Microsoft should be your partner.

Antonakou was in Malta this week for the signing of a major strategic agreement with the Maltese Government covering areas such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. In an exclusive interview published on The Malta Independent on Sunday, she discusses the most salient aspects of this agreement, aligned to support the country’s strategic vision to become a digital economy.

“When, at the turn of the millennium, Malta started its journey to become a regional centre of excellence, there was innovation at its core. Back then, we were among the first – if not the first – global company to commit ourselves to partner Malta to make its vision a reality. Today, as a company that is helping to drive technology innovation in this new era, we recognise our responsibility to work in partnership with government and communities to help advance social and economic progress. Over  the coming years, our commitment and mission will remain that of supporting Malta, its government, its organisations and all its citizens to enter this new era, lead in excellence and create a better future and quality of life for all.”

The whole interview can be read on The Malta Independent on Sunday print edition of Sunday April 15th. It can also be accessed online through this link.  


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