MPs in France propose introduction of school uniforms

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MPs in France’s ruling party are set to spark a major row by proposing the controversial introduction of uniforms in schools.

Seven deputies of Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party submitted a bill to party leaders on Friday aimed at promoting the “wearing of a common school uniform”, Le Figaro reported.

The bill, which is due to be considered by parliamentary officials on Monday, aims to promote “equality” and protect against “school harassment”.

While the word “uniform” was omitted from it in favour of “common dress” the bill looks set to reignite debate around a contentious issue in France.

Uniforms haven’t been mandatory in French schools since 1968.

Traditionally they have been the preserve of private schools, often Catholic institutions in the nicer parts of French towns.

But in recent years parents have been calling for uniforms as a way to promote social cohesion, in particular in deprived neighbourhoods, and ease the resentments that can emerge over how different children are dressed.

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