Covid-19 rules to be relaxed next month – Fearne / Malta News Briefing – Saturday 22 January 2022

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Covid-19 rules to be relaxed next month

Authorities will next week launch the first phase of what is being dubbed as Malta’s exit roadmap, which will see a number of health restrictions related to Covid-19 being removed. This was announced by Health Minister Chris Fearne today. The plan will spell out the dates when certain measures will be removed, the DPM said, but failed to provide further details.

Covid-19 Update

Health authorities reported 285 new coronavirus cases, while four persons died. Just under 1,300 patients recovered overnight, with active cases going to down to just over 7,000.

Morning Briefing

Muscat does not deny Accutor payments, says contract was open-ended

Joseph Muscat has not denied claims by Matthew Caruana Galizia would have netted him more than half a million euro – until a bank closed off the accounts of the company behind the payments, Accutor, after getting suspicious of a number of transactions. In comments to Maltatoday, Muscat said that the contract was “open ended”, and no amounts were due, insisting that the agreement was stopped during the pandemic. The Swiss firm received €3.6 million from Steward Healthcare at the time the latter took over the 30-year concession of three Maltese state hospitals from Vitals Global Healthcare. Caruana Galizia had earlier claimed that “what he got is a contract worth €540,000: €15,000 per month for a minimum of 36 months. The payments only paused when UBS flagged them and closed Accutor’s accounts”. (Maltatoday)

Church launches document on common good
The Church has launched a document aimed at encouraging Maltese citizens to reflect on how, as a country, we can work to build peace, promote the common good in society and improve the well-being of people, especially that of the most vulnerable. The work of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Malta, refers to the events which exposed the wounds in society, to the virtues which can guide us in the journey of reconciliation and renewal, and on the calls to action addressed to every citizen to build a society which, in the words of Pope Francis, replaces the “culture of waste” with a “culture of encounter”. (The Malta Independent)

National Space strategy launched

Following consultation with experts in the field, as well as the industry and academia, Government has launched the first National Space Strategy for Malta. This Strategy will be built on five main pillars which are Foreign Direct Investment and Space Business Attraction, Space Innovation, Human Capital Development, International Regulatory Compliance and Emerging Technology Minister for Equality, Research and Innovation Owen Bonnici said that “Malta is looking forward to participating in the space sector, not only because of the sector’s ability to foster interest in science, but also because research and innovation in the space sector, helps to further improve our quality of life. Concrete examples of solutions that stemmed from space research and that we use on a daily basis in our lives include weather forecasting and the use of navigation systems to find the best route to our destination.” (DOI)

Covid-19 Update: Active Covid-19 cases declined to 7941, after 1062 persons recovered overnight, while new cases remained stable at 306. 99 persons are in hospital, seven of whom in ITU. During the last 24 hours, a 74-year old female passed away while Covid-19 positive, Malta’s 521st victim.

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