Nancy Pelosi declares that she would not hand money for Trump’s wall while refusing to rule out impeachment proceedings against President

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UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi reclaimed her role as speaker of the US House of Representatives on Thursday, declaring she would not hand Donald Trump any new money for his border wall and refusing to rule out impeachment proceedings against the president.

Addressing the new Congress, which began its first session at noon on Thursday, Ms Pelosi nonetheless pledged to reach across the aisle to Republican lawmakers.

She said Democrats were preparing to offer Republicans — who still control the Senate — budget legislation to reopen the government, which would both “meet the needs of the American people” and “protect our borders”. – FT

On a day of pomp and pageantry, ebullient Democrats assumed control of the House on Thursday and elected Representative Nancy Pelosi of California to be speaker, returning her to a historic distinction as the first woman to hold the post at the pinnacle of power in Congress, second in line to the presidency.

The investiture of Ms. Pelosi, whose talent for legislative maneuvering is surpassed only by her skill at keeping her fractious party in line, placed her at the fulcrum of divided government opposite an increasingly combative President Trump. With Mr. Trump, his presidential campaign and his businesses all under federal and state investigations, her handling of him will likely define the 116th Congress.

Her election came on Day 13 of a government shutdown that has dramatized the shifting dynamics in Washington. Mr. Trump’s insistence on a wall on the Mexican border has come to embody harsh immigration policies that will run headlong into newly energized Democratic opposition.



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