Netanyahu’s son calls for British Diplomats’ expulsion

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The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for UK diplomats to be “kicked out” of Israel after the British Consulate in Jerusalem referred to the Palestinian territories as occupied.

Yair Netanyahu, who is known for his outbursts on social media, made the comments late on Friday after the British consulate announced that Prince Charles would be making his first visit to the area in January.

God willing you guys will be kicked out of Israel soon,” the 28-year-old son of the embattled Israeli premier tweeted in response. 

“Until then I’m thinking of visiting the occupied lands of Scotland or Wales, which do you recommend?” he added.

Other social media users were quick to point out that all UK citizens, whether Scottish, Welsh, or English, shared the same rights – unlike Palestinians in the occupied territories who are subjected to a separate legal and military administrative system from Israeli citizens.

Netanyahu then tried to justify his comments by saying that the British consulate in Jerusalem “pretends to be the embassy to the non-existing country of ‘Palestine'”.

He went on to complain that “Northern Ireland is recognised as part of Britain by the entire world” and “nobody disputes Britain sovereignty there and claims it belong to the Republic of Ireland”.

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