New rules on use of electric scooters in Italy come into force, Use on pavement banned

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Changes to the Italian highway code that feature a clampdown on the misuse of electric scooters came into force on Wednesday after a decree passed on November 4 was published in the official gazette.

As a result, using electric scooters on sidewalks and parking them there is now banned.

  People renting electric scooters will now have to take a photo of how they park the vehicle.

Furthermore, a maximum speed limit of 25 km/h has been imposed and children aged up to 14 must wear helmets.
The decree does not just regard electric scooters though.

Fines for people who throw things from moving vehicles are stiffened and motorists are now obliged to let pedestrians pass if they are about to step onto a zebra crossing, not just if they are already on it.

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