No new Brexit talks until EU drops Irish Backstop – Johnson’s spokesman

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Boris Johnson has put the U.K. on a “collision course” with the EU and Ireland with his insistence that the backstop plan for avoiding a hard border must be torn up, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said.

Speaking in Northern Ireland, Coveney said that the new prime minister’s House of Commons statement, in which he called the backstop “unacceptable” to any country valuing its independence or its “self-respect,” had been “very unhelpful.”

Boris Johnson’s new government said on Friday there would be no new Brexit talks until the EU dropped its insistence on the Irish backstop, setting the UK on a collision course with Brussels.

The new UK prime minister has said the withdrawal agreement struck between the EU and his predecessor, Theresa May, cannot win the support of parliament.

Mr Johnson’s spokesman said on Friday that the prime minister would be “energetic” in seeking a deal with the EU but added: “The withdrawal agreement has been rejected three times by the House of Commons. It’s not going to pass. So that means reopening the withdrawal agreement and securing the abolition of the backstop.”

Via FT / Politico

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