Norway’s Prime Minister addresses youngsters about coronavirus

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Last Monday, Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg, together with two of her Cabinet Ministers, met up with a group of children to answer their questions related to CoVid-19 and the current situation in their country. This was the second such press conference of its type in a few days, as last week Mette Frederiksen, Denmark’s centre-left prime minister, held a 3-minute with Danish children regarding this modern pandemic.

Norway’s schools closed their doors for two weeks last week, and the country’s national day on May 17th has been cancelled. When asked how she is taking care of herself, Ms Solberg answered she was trying to get a good night’s sleep, as well as stocking up on bilberries — smaller and tastier blueberries — and drink their juice.

The Norwegian PM stressed that fear was a normal feeling in such circumstances, as people are worried about becoming ill, as well as facing new realities. When asked about birthdays, Ms Solberg advised, “If somebody has a birthday in the class, everybody should ring them and sing happy birthday!” Other tips included not staying up late to play video games, to eat healthy food and not to forsake home schooling.

This was one of a series of daily press conference that the centre-right prime minister has held since the outbreak of the pandemic, and she was praised for her initiative to address the younger generation.

Via Financial Times

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