OCVO launches Annual ‘The Victor Calvagna Child Volunteer of the Year’ Award

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Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations Jesmond Saliba has announced that the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (OCVO) will be launching the ‘The Victor Calvagna Child Volunteer of the Year’ Annual Award.

Saliba was speaking at an event held at the headquarters of the Fgura United Football Club, where a room was also named in memory of Dr Calvagna. Jesmond Saliba pointed out how surgeon and Puttinu Cares co-founder Victor Calvagna was an “inspiration for all those who worked within the voluntary sector.” Saliba went on to say that the idea behind this initiative is that Victor Calvagna’s spirit will not only stay alive in every child, but this legacy will give us the strength to continue to celebrate life of Victor Calvagna, in an Annual National Award that rewards a child between the ages of 6 and 12 for
their work in volunteering.

Saliba concluded by saying that “everyone who works in volunteering in our country recognizes the work, the commitment, the heart and everything that has been woven into the life of Dr Calvagna.”

The Permanent Secretary Matthew Vella stressed how Victor Calvagna gave us a dream that today “ together we began the road to its development.” He continued by highlighting that “Dr Calvagna’s seed is one of collaboration and dialogue to put children at the centre of the voluntary sector’s work.” Vella concluded by saying that through this Award, the OCVO is
combining the voluntary with the educational aspect. For her part, Martina Fenech, said how it would not have been for Dr. Calvagna if she had not been speaking today. “Victor Calvagna made a big impact. Calvagna was not only a consultant,
but he belonged to the people, something he nurtured in the children with whom he worked hard “, continued Fenech. She added that this recognition will help foster more strong values in our children and will inspire parents to include their children in the voluntary sector.

To this end, Commissioner Saliba has appointed an organising committee which will be formulating this award in more detail and the selection of the winner will be selected by this Board. The Board will consist of Commissioner Jesmond Saliba as Chairman, Permanent Secretary Matthew Vella, Former President of Fgura United and former Dr Calvagna colleague
Lawrence Bugeja, Martina Fenech, who has worked closely with Dr Calvagna, Antoine Magri and Maleck Haj Moussa. This honour will be given as part of the annual Malta Council Volunteer Awards to celebrate volunteering. The Council was represented by Mauro Pace Parascandalo.

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