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1025 – Bolesław Chrobry is crowned in Gniezno, becoming the first King of Poland

1506 – The cornerstone of the current St. Peter’s Basilica is laid in the Vatican by Pope Julius II

1775 – Paul Revere and William Dawes ride from Charlestown to Lexington warning the “regulars are coming!”

1783 – Fighting ceases in the American Revolution, eight years to the day when it began

1906 – San Francisco earthquake and fire kills nearly 4,000 while destroying 75% of the city

1943 – Operation Vengeance: US Army Air Force P-38G fighter aircraft from Kukum Field on Guadalcanal ambush and shoot down the transport bomber aircraft of Isoroku Yamamoto, commander-in-chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy and mastermind behind the Pearl Harbor attack

1954 – Egyptian Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser seizes power and appoints himself Prime Minister

1986 – IBM produces 1st megabit-chip

1994 – Lebanon drops relations with Iran

1996 – In Lebanon, at least 106 civilians are killed when the Israel Defense Forces accidentally shell the UN compound at Quana.

2012 – The Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples begins burning artworks after cultural institution budget cuts

2020 – Canada’s worst modern mass shooting as a gunman kills 18 people, including a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, across Nova Scotia

Film & TV:

2018 – “Black Panther” is the first film shown at a commercial cinema in 35 years in Saudi Arabia as cinemas are reopened


1975 – John Lennon releases single “Stand by Me”

1985 – Wham become the first western pop act to release an album in China


1809 – First run of 2,000 guineas horse race at Newmarket, England

2017 – Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo becomes first player to score 100 goals in the Champions League with a hat-trick in Real Madrid’s 4-2 win over Bayern Munich

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