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526 – A possible date for the Antioch earthquake in present-day Syria (then the Byzantine Empire) which killed 200,000 people.

1745 – Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army moves into Manchester & occupies Carlisle.

1877 – US inventor Thomas Edison demonstrates his hand-cranked phonograph for the first time.

1929 – American explorer Richard Byrd and three companions make the first flight over the South Pole, flying from their base on the Ross Ice Shelf to the pole and back in 18 hours and 41 minutes.

1935 – Physicist Erwin Schrödinger publishes his famous thought experiment “Schrödinger’s cat”, a paradox that illustrates the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.

1947 – The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution (not implemented) calling for the partition of Palestine into two separate states—an Arab and a Jewish one—that would retain an economic union.

1951 – 1st underground atomic explosion at Frenchman Flat in Nevada.

1989 – Rajiv Gandhi resigns as Prime Minister of India after losing national elections

2001 – George Harrison, formerly of the Beatles, died of cancer at the home of a friend in Los Angeles

2012 – 30 people are killed and 100 are wounded by bombs in Hillah and Karbala, Iraq

2012 – The UN votes to approve Palestine’s status change from an observer to an observer state

2012 – Luiz Felipe Scolari takes over as Brazilian Football coach

2018 – Tens of thousands Indian farmers protest the agrarian crisis at parliament in Delhi

2019 – Wood fragment believed to be from Jesus’ manger returned to Bethlehem after 1400 years by Pope Francis

2020 – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announce the first all-female Communications team for the White House

Births & Deaths:

1898 – Irish-born author and scholar C.S. Lewis was born.

Film & TV:

1945 – “The Lost Weekend”, based on Charles R. Jackson’s novel, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman premieres in Los Angeles (Academy Awards Best Picture 1946)


2010 – “Rolling in the Deep” single is released by Adele (Billboard Song of the Year 2011, Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year 2012).


1987 – Joe Montana of SF 49ers completes NFL record of 22 consecutive passes

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