On this day, in 1992, Giovanni Falcone was killed in Capaci’s tragedy

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On 23 May 1992 Giovanni Falcone was on board his car, home-bound. Two other Fiat Cromas were escorting him: one driving in front, one following. 1000 kilograms of TNT remotely detonated from the hills around Capaci killed the prosecutor and, with him, that part of Italy that still believed in justice.

Giovanni Falcone in fact was, at the time, leading the investigation into the fabrics of the most powerful Sicilian-based criminal organization, Cosa Nostra. He was investigating the murders of policemen, politicians, judges who ventured a little too far.

He was unveiling connections – just like others had done before him – that needed to remain secret: there was a sort of alignment, an axis between diverse powers with overlapping interests.

Cosa Vostra says “The little glimmers of hope that had feebly penetrated the dark veil in which Italy had been eloped since after the Second World War were gone.

It was a matter of seconds: they exploded in thousand pieces of blood and metal along the highway A29 Palermo-Punta Raisi near the junction toward Capaci. Five people died that day: Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and three of his bodyguards Vito Schifano, Rocco Dicillo and Antonino Montinaro. The episode is known as the Capaci killing”.

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