Over  2 million people have fled Ukraine for Poland

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More than 2.1 million people have fled Ukraine for Poland – 2,114,000 since the war began – the Polish Border Guard said on Monday.

Numbers crossing are falling, however.

On Sunday alone, 33,800 people crossed the frontier, the agency wrote on Twitter, down 16% from Saturday.

By 06:00 GMT on Monday, 5,700 had crossed, that’s down 17% from the same period on Saturday. Some of the people fleeing have already left Poland for other destination countries.

Warsaw University migration research prof. Maciej Duszczyk estimates around 1.2 million people remain.

More than a quarter of a million people (264,000) have returned to Ukraine via Poland since the war began.

Photo – Korczowa, Polish-Ukrainian bordercrossing. EC Audiovisual Service.

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