Over a coffee with … Nikhil Patil, CEO of GO plc

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You and Malta… How did it start?

I have been involved with GO and Malta since 2005. Back then, when GO was still Maltacom, I had led the acquisition of Government’s stake in the company for TECOM. But I can safely say that I fell in love with Malta the first time I came here and fast forward 14 years, here I am back where it all started for me. I’m honoured to be back with the GO family in such a position.

You have just announced your financial results. Personally, what was the biggest achievement by GO this year?

I think the biggest achievement has to be the delivery of a highly successful IPO of BMIT, in record time, and giving back over €55 million in dividends to GO shareholders. We also took the first concrete steps in our digital transformation that will allow us to strengthen the relationship with our customers and help serve them better. Am very excited to see what the coming year holds for us in this regard.

What are the biggest changes you are trying to drive at GO?

We have invested millions to date in the roll out of a True Fibre nationwide network, and plan to continue investing a lot more in the years to come. But roll out is not as easy as one would imagine. We are heavily dependent on third parties to clear legalities and permits, not to mention the weather and other environmental conditions, that all play a signficant role in how fast we can roll out. Despite this, we are doing everything we possibly can to expedite the nationwide roll out. We are the only operator that is delivering True Fibre –  the best technology available – straight to one’s living room and want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the power of True Fibre. However, if we had to put strategy aside, I truly believe that culture trumps strategy. So the biggest change we are driving is the creation of a performance oriented culture where employees are empowered to do what’s best for our customers and for the organisation.

Where are you seeing Malta in the next 10 years when it comes to telecommunications sector?

I see Malta as a hub for all things digital, based on a nationwide True Fibre network that connects households and businesses to what matters most to them.

What role do you want GO to play in this evolution?

GO has been the largest investor in Malta’s digital infrastructure. We have been connecting homes and businesses for the past 44 years. GO is also the only operator that is rolling out a nationwide True Fibre network that will set Malta up for its digital needs for hundreds of years to come. What more can I say, we are just doing what we do best, connecting people and businesses to what matters to them.

Personal questions :

Favourite Food: Penne Arrabiata

Favourite Beverage: Sparkling Water

How do you take your Coffee: Cortado

Your Favourite colour: Orange of course!


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