Pete Buttigieg gets the cover of Time magazine

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Democratic 2020 presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg continues to dominate the American media, adding another milestone to his Presidential campaign by ending up on the cover of the latest issue of Time

Buttigieg and his husband have been dubbed the “First Family” on the cover of TIME Magazine.

The magazine’s cover line reads: “The unlikely, untested and unprecedented campaign of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.”

The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend and who is of Maltese descent, officially launched his 2020 presidential campaign in April in the hope to become the youngest-ever and first openly gay commander in chief.

“Buttigieg is a gay Episcopalian veteran in a party torn between identity politics and heartland appeals,” Time noted. “He’s also a fresh face in a year when millennials are poised to become the largest eligible voting bloc. Many Democrats are hungry for generational change, and the two front runners are more than twice his age.”

Buttigieg is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in the upcoming primary. Other front-runners include Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

Buttigieg has risen in recent polls and attracted the attention of a number of big-name donors after being virtually unknown nationally upon entering a crowded Democratic primary field.

The Time magazine article explores Buttigieg’s rise to fame and his relationship with Chasten, recounting how they met on an online dating app while the politician was serving as mayor, and his subsequent decision to come out while in office.

The pair, who married in June 2018, are the first same-sex couple to pose together on the cover of the magazine since an edition of the publication was dedicated to equal marriage in 2013.

Democratic candidate for United States President, Mayor Pete Buttigieg fundraising event in Somerville
Democratic candidate for United States President, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, takes questions during a fundraising event at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. Photo: EPA-EFE/CJ GUNTHER

Speaking to Time, Buttigieg says that he often heard homophobic comments from fellow officers while serving in the armed forces, long before he opened up about his sexuality in 2015.

However, he adds that many of his former colleagues have expressed their support since announcing his run for Office.

Buttigieg continues, explaining that he is a great believer in the “power of redemption and forgiveness” after seeing “once-disapproving parents dance at their gay son’s wedding and homophobic military officers take back their words”.

Late in the interview, his husband opens up about becoming homeless after coming out to his parents and the difficulties he faced in life.



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