Photo Story: Last of the Supermoons in Minsk

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The full moon rises above apartments in Minsk, Belarus, on the evening of Thursday 07 May 2020.

The ‘Full Flower Moon’ or the ‘Corn Planting Moon’ or the ‘Milk Moon’ is the last in a series of four super moons in 2020.

The Supermoon happens when the Moon appears larger and brighter.

The phenomenon happens when the celestial satellite reaches its closest point to Earth – known as a perigee – and is on the opposite side of Earth to the sun.

The next supermoon won’t make an appearance until April 27, 2021

Full Flower Moon above Santo Domingo
A full moon rises behind the statue of priest Antonio Montesino wearing a face mask in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 07 May 2020. The full Moon of May, also known as Flower Moon, is the last of a series of four supermoons in 2020. EPA-EFE/ORLANDO BARRIA
Pink moon in Naples
A view of a pink full moon, the last one of this year, overlooks the Caracciolo waterfront in Naples, Italy , 07 May 2020. EPA-EFE/CIRO FUSCO



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