Photo Story:  San Gennaro blood liquefaction ritual in Naples

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The archbishop of Naples Domenico Battaglia holds a vial believed to contain the blood of the 3rd century saint San Gennaro (Saint Januarius) during the so-called liquefaction miracle, in the Chapel of the Treasury, in Naples, Italy, 19 September 2021.

Faithful gather three times a year to witness the liquefaction of the otherwise coagulated blood of the saint. 

At this Sunday’s ceremony the blood liquefaction took place.

The Church believes that the miracle takes place in response to the dedication and prayers of the faithful. When the miracle occurs, the mass of reddish dried blood, adhering to one side of the ampoule, turns into completely liquid blood, covering the glass from side to side.

When the blood doesn’t liquefy, the Neapolitans take it as an omen of misfortune.


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