Photo Story: Slovenia tightens security at border with Croatia and Hungary

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Slovenian police officers check vehicles at the Obrezje-Bregana border between Slovenia and Croatia crossing near Obrezje village, Slovenia, 21 October 2023.

Slovenia on Saturday deployed police on border crossings with Croatia and Hungary to prevent potential security threats, leading to queues as travellers waited to have their documents checked.

The Slovenian government had on Friday decided to introduce temporary border controls until Oct. 30, following its neighbour Italy which introduced controls on its border crossing with Slovenia to improve home security.

Police were deployed on 14 border crossings with Croatia and Hungary, Slovenian news agency STA reported. The remaining 18 crossings will not have a permanent police presence.

Travellers queued to have their papers checked at the Obrezje crossing on the border with

Explaining its decision to introduce border controls, the government cited security threats that may come from what it said were “members of various terrorist and extremist movements and groups” moving from areas of armed conflict and aiming to reach Europe.

It also cited a rise of organised crime in the western Balkans.


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