Picasso-Rodin Exhibition Opens Next Month in Paris

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February will see the kick off of what will most probably go down as one of the most anticipated art exhibitions of 2021 – The “Picasso-Rodin” exhibition, organized by the Musée national Picasso-Paris and the Musée Rodin, offers an unprecedented encounter between two extraordinary artists whose formal inventions mark a turning point in modern art. 

Available simultaneously in both institutions, the exhibition will highlight unexpected convergences in the creative processes that mark the work of the two artists. 

While at the Musée Rodin, the plastic solutions invented by the two artists to represent reality will be studied, the exhibition at the Musée Picasso will present the private sphere of creation in the workshop’s laboratory. 

Visitors will follow in the footsteps of Picasso, discovering the “Rodin” retrospective in 1900 at the Pavillon de l’Alma. Bringing together all areas of creation (painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic arts and photography), the tour will present the richness of artistic processes: from the assembly to the recovery of materials, from the relationship to space to the public monument, from the gaze focused on the fragment to the taste for incompleteness.

Two places emblematic will be particularly honored: Rodin’s workshop in Meudon and that of Picasso in Boisgeloup. Picasso and Rodin will also be considered as two public geniuses who have built their image, ensured the dissemination of their work, actively participated in exhibitions, even being at the origin of their own museums. 

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