Maltese MP backs CoE resolution on abortion activists / Malta News Briefing – Monday 6 June 2022

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1745- Latest News update

Times of Malta says the car dealers suspected of having tampered with the mileage counts of imported used cars are Rokku and Tal-Qasab auto dealers.

MaltaToday says a man who tried to escape from the police while still handcuffed to a bench, following his arrest at the airport yesterday morning, has been remanded in custody.

Newsbook says Infrastructure Malta – which paved the way for the conversion of a “biodiversity park” in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq into a car park – has no plans or requests to establish parking spaces in the locality, according to Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia.

TVM says three Romanians belonging to an international group of criminals involved in pickpocketing have been sentenced to 54 months in prison and fined € 10,000 each after admitting to stealing money from passengers on board buses.

Updated 1240

Medical supplier files protest against Vitals: A medical supplier involved in the Vitals hospitals deal has turned on his former partners in a corruption and money-laundering investigation. In a court protest filed against Vitals firms domiciled in Malta, Switzerland, and Jersey, Technoline managing director Ivan Vassallo protested his innocence and stated that he had completely cooperated with the police. Vassallo filed the judicial complaint two days after the Times of Malta questioned him about revelations that back in 2017 he tried to send a €900,000 check to Technoline via HSBC as a “loan.”

Maltese MP backs CoE resolution on abortion activists: Naomi Cauchi, one of Labour’s new MPs who represents Parliament at the Council of Europe, has voted in favour of a resolution that expresses concern on harassment and violence perpetrated by anti-abortion activists in member states. The resolution concludes the report by a Dutch MP to the Council’s parliamentary assembly PACE, which is composed of national delegations of MPs.  The resolution calls on member states to take the necessary steps to prevent anti-choice organizations from misrepresenting themselves as neutral, as well as to investigate and prosecute hate speech directed at human rights defenders, pro-choice activists, politicians, and people seeking abortions.

Covid-19 Update: Health authorities reported 62 new coronavirus cases on Monday. With 60 recoveries the number of known active cases stands at 1,394.

Morning Briefing

PN leader asks Govt to act on inflation

PN leader Bernard Grech called on government to “put words into action” and “do something” to address the rising cost of living. The Opposition leader, speaking on NET, said the issue is impacting everyone and this has become evident not just through statistics but from day-to-day interacations.
“It is something that people of all backgrounds are feeling. We are talking about people not being able to purchase basic needs. The government has to do something,” he argued. The PN leader said the Labour Party has been in government for almost 10 years and so it was high time that certain pressing issues are addressed. (Times of Malta)

Parliament costing taxpayer at least €1.4m a year

Malta’s new Parliament, which counts a record 79 MPs, is costing the taxpayer at least €1,460,819.7 annually.
Through the gender quota mechanism, which was passed into law just over a year ago, 12 more women MPs were elected to Parliament, increasing the female representation. There are now 22 women MPs, including 10 who were elected through the normal electoral process. (The Malta Independent)

Covid-19 Update
Malta reported 66 new coronavirus cases on Sunday. With 96 recoveries the number of known active cases stands at 1,392.
One death was recorded over the past 24-hour period, taking the death tally to 723. (Newsbook)

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