Poland detains Russian spy, set to expel 45 Russian diplomats they accuse of spying

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Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) has detained a man suspected of spying for Russia, officials said on Wednesday.

The individual, an employee with Warsaw’s Civil Registration Office, was detained on March 17 and officially charged with espionage, the state PAP news agency reported.

A court has issued a three-month arrest order and the man faces up to 15 years in prison, officials told reporters. 

The  ABW has identified 45 Russian diplomats as suspected spies and called on the foreign ministry to expel them, its spokesperson has said.

Poland’s special services asked the foreign ministry on Wednesday to expel 45 Russian diplomats, some of whom it suspects of working for Russian intelligence under the cover of diplomatic assignments, spokesman Stanislaw Zaryn said.

“The Internal Security Agency has identified 45 people – officers of Russian secret services and persons associated with them who had diplomatic status in Poland,” Zaryn told journalists.

“The list was forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it includes officers of the special services of the Russian Federation and people cooperating with them… people who conducted intelligence activities against Poland, but also against our allies.”

A Polish government spokesman said the Russian ambassador to Warsaw had been summoned to the foreign ministry and decisions on further steps would be announced after the meeting.

Russia would retaliate if its diplomats are expelled from Poland, the RIA news agency cited the foreign ministry as saying on Wednesday.

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Photo courtesy of Polish Government

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