Poland steps up help and solidarity with Ukrainian population

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Michał Dworczyk, a top aide to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, told reporters that “everyone escaping the war will be received in Poland.” 

He said: “Everyone seeking help in Poland will be able to receive it.” He added that “this includes people without passports,” the state PAP news agency reported.  

Dworczyk told the media that queues at Poland’s border crossings with Ukraine were “stretching for more than 6 kilometres” on Friday, with the Russian invasion driving an ever larger number of Ukrainians to flee abroad.

Meanwhile, Polish Deputy Interior Minister Paweł Szefernaker said that “only a small percentage” of those crossing the border were arriving in reception centres set up by the government in the east of the country.

Szefernaker told public broadcaster Polish Radio that Poland’s Border Guard and other agencies “will do everything to help refugees from Ukraine cross into Poland, while looking after the security of our country.”

He added that “the majority of the arrivals” were “heading to Poland or other European Union countries,” Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported.

Financial, legal, medical aid for refugees

Meanwhile, Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin has asked state-run companies to assist Ukrainians who arrive in the country after abandoning their homes amid the Russian invasion.

Sasin, who is also Poland’s state assets minister, wrote on Twitter on Friday: “Putin’s brutal regime has caused people to lose roofs over their heads and a sense of security.”

He added: “Our Ukrainian neighbours need real support today.”

Polish Radio launches news bulletins in Ukrainian to report on Russian invasion

Public broadcaster Polish Radio began airing special news bulletins in Ukrainian, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

The newscasts can be heard on Polish Radio 1, everyday after 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported. 

News is gathered and presented by journalists from the Ukrainian section of Polish Radio’s External Service, also known as Radio Poland. 

Broadcast on longwave, Polish Radio 1 is available not just in Poland, but also in Ukraine and almost all over Europe, IAR reported.

Ukraine refugees start flowing into Poland

Throngs of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have crossed into Poland following Russia’s aggression earlier this week.

Tens of thousands had to wait long hours in freezing conditions to leave their country with lines of cars stretched for several kilometres towards the border crossing at Medyka, southern Poland, some 85 km from Lviv in western Ukraine.

Poland has the region’s largest Ukrainian community of about 1 million people. Its authorities said wait times to cross the border ranged between 6 and 12 hours.

The refugees are mainly women and children as men of fighting age are not allowed to leave their country. 

Via Polish National Radio

Photo – A view of the Polish-Ukrainian border in Dorohusk, eastern Poland. About 29,000 people crossed Poland’s border with Ukraine over the past 24 hours, with thousands of them declaring themselves as war refugees, the Polish head of the national security department has said on Friday. EPA-EFE/Wojtek Jargilo

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