Report claims Enemalta was aware it was paying triple for wind farm shares / Malta News Briefing – Tuesday 31 May 2022

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Times of Malta says Gaming consultant Iosif Galea had been under police bail when he left Malta in recent weeks, PN MP Joe Giglio claimed at a press conference on Tuesday. 

MaltaToday says three passengers and a driver had to be hospitalised after the minivan they were on was involved in an accident with a fuel bowser in Rabat, Gozo.

Newsbook says after 20 years of receiving unaccompanied minors, and eight years on from a commitment to end child detention, young people who seek refuge in Malta continue to be violated, a report by JRS Malta concluded.

TVM says a 34-year old man from Somalia was imprisoned for three years for assisting in the illegal arrival and departure of persons from Malta in October 2020 and in previous months.

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Mrieħel underpass will be finished by end of September: Works on the Mrieħel Underpass project are expected to be completed by the end of September. The roundabout above it will also be open to commuters by the end of the year, Infrastructure Minister Aaron Farrugia said. The underpass will feature two lanes and form part of a new roundabout intersection. This will replace the old traffic lights system at the crossroad between Balzan, Birkirkara and Mrieħel. The main eastbound traffic flows from Balzan towards the Bypass wll be grade-separated from the other flows converging at the junction. Pedestrian and cycling crossings will link Birkirkara, Mrieħel and Balzan with Il-Ħofor Road, a rural road leading to Żebbuġ and Qormi. (Maltatoday)

Enemalta knew it was paying triple for shares in wind farm – report: An Enemalta-commissioned report exposed that the state-owned energy company knew it was paying triple the original price for its shares in a Montenegro wind farm. Enemalta commissioned an unnamed legal firm to examine the Montenegro transaction after Reuters and the Times of Malta reported that murder suspect Yorgen Fenech secretly profited from the deal. Enemalta bought the Montenegro wind farm for €10.3 million, triple the €2.9 million paid just two weeks earlier by Cifidex. Cifidex was the anonymous offshore vehicle that sold the wind farm shares to Enemalta in December 2015 for a considerable profit. An investigation by Times of Malta and Reuters uncovered how Cifidex was owned by Turab Musayev, who used to sit on the Electrogas consortium board with Fenech. (Times of Malta)

Covid-19 Update: There were 99 new cases of Covid-19 while 109 people recovered, the health authorities said. No new deaths were recorded.

Morning Briefing

Police investigating failure to arrest Iosif Galea

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri revealed that the police are examining why Iosif Galea was not detained in Malta and was allowed to leave the country many times while being wanted by the European Union. Camilleri stated that he spoke with the police commissioner, who informed him that the issue is being investigated internally. “If any wrongdoing results from the investigation, all the necessary steps will be taken,” he said while replying to a parliamentary question by PN MP Beppe Fenech Adami.

PN’s Sammut re-iterates calls for Electrogas inquiry
Mark Anthony Sammut, a Nationalist MP, has renewed his request for a public probe into the government’s Electrogas contract.
Earlier, Energy Minister Miriam Dalli declined to reveal data on the average price of each energy unit that Enemalta has paid for its power supply, citing the company’s commercial interests. Dalli was responding to a PQ from the same MP, who questioned how much Enemalta paid for each unit of electricity generated by the power plants, as well as the Interconnector, between April 2017 and April 2022. He also inquired of Dalli about the number of units of energy purchased each month from each of the sources since April 2017.

Covid-19 Update: Active coronavirus cases remained virtually unchanged at 1,420 after health authorities reported 64 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, while 63 recovered.

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