Polish Political Scientist refused entry in Russia

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Poland’s government has asked Moscow to explain why Russia has refused entry to the head of Poland’s Institute of international affairs, the Polish Foreign Ministry said on May 29.

Slawomir Debski was told by border guards at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport on May 29 that his visa had been canceled and that he was banned from entering Russia until March 2021, Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman Artur Lompart said. The political scientist was later put on a flight to Germany.

Debski was due to attend a conference organized by Russia’s Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations.

Following the incident, Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreyev was summoned to the Polish Foreign Ministry, where Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Papierz handed him a diplomatic note asking for an explanation of the incident, Lompart said.

Source Radio Free Europe

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