Pope Francis to celebrate mass for 100th anniversary of John Paul II’s birth

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The Polish episcopate announced that in May, 2020, Pope Francis will celebrate a Mass for the 100th anniversary of John Paul II’s birth.

It will be in the Vatican on May 17. Karol Wojtyla was actually born the day after, on May 18. However, the bishops of Poland preferred to celebrate on the 17th because it is Sunday. This would allow more people to participate.

In Poland, the anniversary will be celebrated everywhere. The episcopate will publish a message to reflect on the actuality of John Paul II’s magisterium.

The Polish pope played an important role in the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He named him bishop in 1992 and cardinal in 2001.

Little did he know that years later, the Argentine cardinal would become pope and preside at the canonisation of his predecessor on April 27, 2014.

Via Rome Reports 

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