Portos, Atos, Hopper and Edmund From GO’s Mobile App Campaign Get Adopted!

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GO’s latest campaign promoting its popular mobile app in aid of the MSPCA featured Portos and Atos, two fox terrier mix brothers, Hopper, a mixed breed half pointer and half beagle mix and Edmund the cat.

As expected, the campaign was a success but the unexpected outcome was that the four furry animals featured throughout the campaign just got adopted!

“For us at GO, the successful rate of downloads of the GO app meant that we could use this to not only offer additional value to our customers, but also engage our customers in a good cause to support animals in need. This was the first initiative for 2021, where for every new user of the GO app, we made a donation to the MSPCA. But now that these four pets have found a loving home made this campaign even more special!” said Rachelle Bugeja, Online Experience Specialist, GO.

2020 was a difficult year which threw many people into complete isolation. But one positive outcome was that more people resorted to adoption of animals to combat the feeling of loneliness, according to a spokesperson from MSPCA Malta. This is what led GO to team up with the MSPCA Malta in an attempt to support it raise funds for the number of animals under its care.

Since its launch two years ago, GO’s mobile app remains one of the top-rated apps in Malta with close to 110,000 downloads. The most popular features enjoyed by customers is the facility to purchase bundles, the viewing of bundle balance, top-ups and bill payments.

This app ensures diversity in the way customers can engage with their services and the company and in doing so, GO is addressing different customer needs.

“Quite a number of employees at GO have adopted pets from the MSPCA or supported them in other ways. We know what a tough year it has been for everyone, so we wanted to find other ways of offering our support. At GO, we strive to drive a digital Malta where no one is left behind. What better way to use technology so that not even our furry friends are left behind,” concluded Rachelle Bugeja.

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