Prevention is better than cure: entertainment lobby group wants mass events targeting foreign markets called off

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Prevention is better than cure: call off mass entertainment events targeting foreign markets. The Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association (MEIA) said today that events held during these particular times should focus on the local market, providing also a number of proposals aimed to ensure that mass events could be held in a safe manner.

The association said a maximum audience capacity should be set to a ratio applied to the size of the venue. All uncontrolled events without a gate entrance had to stop with immediate effect, as contact tracing could not be effective.

The association urged the industry to lead by example and called on the government to follow the guidelines and regulations issued for public events on the principle that they should apply to all and impact everyone equally.

It suggested the appointment of a team from the Health Department to supervise events and a stronger campain to enforce testing.
It suggesting the appointment of a trusted team or person from the Health Department to supervise events and ensure all safety measures are taken, including the taking of the temperature prior to entry and the use of visors/mask for staff. The MEIA also called for a much stronger and ongoing campaign should be carried out to enforce testing.

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