‘Recognition, Personal Development and Stability’ Most Appealing Company Values by Job Seekers

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Employee orientation and recognition, employee development and enhancement as well as job stability are the top three values that employees find most appealing when considering applying for a post with a new company.

Interestingly, remuneration ranked as the fourth quality followed by creativity and innovation, commitment to quality, customer focus and performance orientation. Although salary may trigger the search for a new job, results showed that in the end salary is looked into when other elements are not being satisfied.

These are some of the findings from MISCO’s latest HR survey completed over the past weeks, presented recently during a MISCO in the Hot Seat event organised at the Xara Lodge on the theme “Job Seekers’ Behaviour and Expectations for 2019”.

“This latest survey provided us with interesting data on what attracts people to apply for jobs, what makes companies stand out and what values employees seek for when considering who they want to work for,” says Josianne Avellino from MISCO who coordinated the survey.

“We found that whereas promotion of company benefits and events, testimonials and communication of CSR events do have an impact on job seekers, a staggering 58.5% of potential candidates consider the professional outlook of the company as the absolute top quality that would attract them to apply for a position,” added Josianne Avellino.

“It is a fact that for many employers, finding the right people remains a big issue and this could be because they could be applying the wrong recruitment strategies. In fact, as recruiters, we feel that the current market is an employees’ market because employees are now expecting to be approached about job opportunities, and not look for them themselves. This is why we organised this survey to gain a better insight into what candidates are looking for and to help HR Managers, Executives and Recruiters align their recruitment strategies alongside the current market trends,” she added.

The presentation covering the survey and the outcomes of the Hot Seat has been distributed to all those attending the event. Anyone interested in receiving a copy can contact MISCO on mspiterigonzi@miscomalta.com

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