Rents in Brussels and Flanders hit record levels

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The average rent for a house on the Brussels and Flemish rental market in 2021 rose to €846 in 2021, an increase that took prices to an all-time high, according to an analysis by Dewaele Real Estate Group.

Dewaele examined some 12,000 rentals in both Flanders and Brussels and found that prices increased by 4.7% or €38, reports Belga News Agency.

The jumps in cost weren’t across the board: rent for flats did not increase, remaining stable at an average of €719 a month.

Any relief regarding stable rent for apartments would be premature, however, as rent for flats is expected to rise in 2022 due to high inflation in recent months.

For a single house, the monthly rent rose to an average of €976 last year, or an increase of 3.55%. For a semi-detached house, the average is €842 per month, up 4.65%. For a closed building, the average was €813 per month, or 1.68% more than the previous year.

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