Renzi believes that Macron will be the king-maker for Europe’s upcoming institutional roles positioning – Cites the Maltese Prime Minister (together with those the Netherlands, Portugal and Luxembourg) as being influential in this aspect

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Matteo Renzi believes that French President Macron will be the kingmaker in the upcoming decisions on who will be taking crucial roles within the EU institutions.

In his latest book Un’ Altra Strada, Renzi says that Angela Merkel is best positioned to head the EU Council arguing that the Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel and the Portuguese Antonio Costa will have important roles in determining the future of Europe, while the French President who will be the king maker in the decisions.

He argues that the current state of affairs in Italy, Poland and Spain together with Brexit present a new scenario in this aspect.

In his book, “In Another Way”, which will be released on Thursday,  Renzi praises Ms Merkel as the best candidate for president of the European Council, the political body representing EU member states, to replace Donald Tusk, the Polish politician.

The FT yesterday reports “The former Italian premier goes further by saying the German leader should also lead the bloc’s diplomacy after successive EU foreign affairs representatives had “not lived up to the expectations and the role that Europe should play.” “I would be desirable if a leading figure such as Angela Merkel . . . could continue to serve Europe in another capacity,” Mr Renzi writes.

“Merkel could certainly be a suitable person to lead foreign policy, but also to be the president of the European Council.” While there has been speculation in Berlin about Ms Merkel’s future after her term as German chancellor comes to an end in 2021, she is expected to retire from politics rather than seek a role in Brussels. Mr Renzi’s endorsement shows the stature she has acquired even in parts of Europe where she has been most criticised.

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