Rock band Queen and Adam Lambert launch new single ‘YOU are the Champions’ in tribute to frontline health workers

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Rock band Queen and singer Adam Lambert are raising money for health workers fighting COVID-19 with new single ”You Are The Champions.”

British rock legends Queen have tweaked their classic anthem in tribute to frontline health workers. They call it – ‘YOU Are the Champions‘.With the band itself on lockdown, the new single was recorded at a distance, on smartphones, and proceeds will go towards health workers themselves.

Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May began the project.”It’s focused to all those in the frontline, all around the world. Yeah, all the people who are risking their lives to save us and save our families.” The original song was a major hit in the 80s, when FreddieMercury was Queen’s frontman.It went on to become a hallmark of sports events worldwide.

May believes the song can express “triumph and determination” in the face of adversity.”And I remember we looked at each other and went – ‘Isn’t this kind of being big-headed? Saying – we are the champions. No time for losers. You sure it’s ok Freddie?’ And Freddie went’course it is darling it means we are all the champions everyone’s gonna feel that way. What’s wrong with that?”

For drummer Roger Taylor – the update isn’t just a salute to the world’s health workers – its also a personal tribute.”Which is why it’s called ”You Are The Champions”, and sowe’ve put a lot of footage of them (frontline workers) in there, including alittle bit of my daughter who’s a doctor working in a hot hub in London.”Adam Lambert is now Queen’s lead singer And he first proposed the lyrical swap.”

Taking the step to shift a lyric is a bold move for Queen,because they’re so iconic, but I think this is the type of event that warrantedsuch a change. And it really, because it’s such a well- known title changingthat one word makes a huge impact. You know, we wanted to dedicate something tothese frontline workers, and we wanted the more we started developing thisidea, we realized that this could turn into something that could really helppeople.

”Proceeds from the single will go to the Solidarity Response Fund under the World Health Organization to provide assistance to health workers around the world.


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