Romanian to make 112 emergency system more efficient after recent killing of a teenager

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The Romanian is to take action to improve the efficiency of the 112 emergency help line after the recent uproar following the kidnapping and killing of a teenage Romania girl. A killing that resulted in several resignation from the government among them of the Minister of Interior.

The Romanian Government wants to implement a system for locating the victims with greater accuracy, and to train the 112 dispatchers better. Moreover, in the following 3-5 years, the authorities plan to set up integrated dispatch centres in each region.

Romania Secretary of State Raed Arafat, chairman of the inter-ministerial committee in charge with improving the 112 emergency call system, presented a set of 14 measures aimed at making the 112 service more efficient.

These include that those who purchase prepaid phone cards may also be required to give their personal data, so that in cases of maximum emergency the authorities can identify the caller.

The suspect in Alexandra's kidnap and murder case
Romanian police officers escort the alleged suspect (C) at Dolj county court, Romania, 27 July 2018, after the man was accused of kidnapping a 15 year old girl, who is now confirmed by forensics to have been killed, in the southern city of Caracal, Romania. Alexandra a 15-year-old girl, disappeared on 25 July 2019 hitchhiking to Caracal. Media reports on 28 July 2019 that despite making three emergency calls telling police where she was being held and she had been abducted by a car driver Alexandra’s calls went unheeded. Romanian police did not search the property until 19 hours after the girl’s last call finding human remains and jewellery. EPA-EFE/BOGDAN DANSECU

The authorities’ decision to improve the 112 system came after the murder of 15-year old Alexandra Macesanu.

She managed to call 112 one day after she was kidnapped but the authorities intervened too slowly, and Alexandra was killed by her kidnapper. This brought to light, among other things, the fact that the 112 system in Romania can’t provide an exact location of the caller.


Via The Romanian Insider / DIGI24


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