Russia suspends gas transit to Kazakhstan after explosion

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Russia suspended gas transit to Kazakhstan on Tuesday after an explosion on a gas pipeline in the Orenburg region and emergency services were being deployed to the area, the energy ministry said in a statement.

The Soyuz pipeline, launched in 1980, starts in Russia, crosses to Kazakhstan, returns to Russia and then runs to Ukraine where it connects with other routes which ship gas to Europe.

The energy ministry said on Tuesday that a fall in pipeline pressure had been identified in the Orenburg-Novopskov pipeline and that a segment of the pipeline had been shut off early on Tuesday. No one had been hurt, it added.

As a result, gas transit to Kazakhstan has been suspended and reserve capacities were used to supply gas to customers, the ministry said. Repairs may take two days, TASS news agency reported separately, citing the Orenburg regional government.

The Kazakh energy ministry said separately that supplies from the Orenburg gas processing plant, which imports, processes and then sends back gas from Kazakhstan’s Karachaganak gas field, were also suspended. 

via Reuters