Simon Cowell named as possible Eurovision winners Måneskin manager

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At the beginning of June, the band parted ways with their long-time manager Marta Donà. On June 4 Marta shared an Instagram pic from the Eurovision green room, which showed her and the band overcome with emotion as they reacted to Italy’s win.

The caption made clear that the group’s decision had caught her off guard. Marta wrote: “We spent four unforgettable years full of dreams to fulfil and projects to realise. I have brought you this far. From now you have decided to continue without me. I’m heartbroken, but I wish you guys the best in life.”

talian media have suggested that Måneskin are now more focused on conquering new lands rather than only prospering at home. Writing in the New York Times on Wednesday, the Italian journalist Elisabetta Povoledo recounted the domestic buzz.

“Some newspapers here wondered whether an Italian management agency had begun to feel too tight for Måneskin’s international aspirations, and the name of Simon Cowell, the mastermind behind ‘The X-Factor,’ came up as a possible successor.”

Eurovision winners Måneskin enter UK top 10

Måneskin have entered the top 10 of the UK singles chart for the first time.

The Italian glam-rockers climbed to number seven on Friday with their track I Wanna Be Your Slave.

They won last month’s contest with the song Zitti e Buoni, and the follow-up has now become the biggest hit by a Eurovision-winning act for nine years.

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