Slovakia’s liberal PS party edges ahead before Sept 30 election – AKO poll

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Sept 27 (Reuters) – The Slovak liberal party Progresivne Slovensko edged marginally ahead of the SMER-SSD of former prime minister Robert Fico in the final poll from AKO agency before a Sept. 30 election, highlighting a tight race.

The poll, published on Wednesday and carried out for TV JOJ, put Progresivne Slovensko (Progressive Slovakia – PS) ahead of all parties at 18.0% support. SMER-SSD, which has seen its lead dissipate in the past month, polled at 17.7%, dropping 1.7 percentage points from mid-September.

The AKO poll was conducted among 1,000 participants between Sept. 20 and Sept. 26.

It showed the two leading parties each winning 30 seats in the 150-member parliament, both well short of a majority and needing to count on coalition partners to govern. However, the coalition-building path was highly unclear, with the third-leading party HLAS still not committed to any other party and several parties around thresholds for winning seats.

The election is coming early after a centre-right coalition government fell apart last year and a caretaker administration took over in May.

SMER-SSD, which still lead in two other polls published in the past day, is seeking to return after a three-year hiatus. It is led by three-time prime minister Fico, who is pledging to defend national interests and end military support for Ukraine in its fight against a Russian invasion.

The pro-western Progressive Slovakia party’s leader Michal Simecka has warned such a policy reversal would mean a turn closer to Russia and a threat of isolation for Slovakia.


NOTE: threshold for parties to win seats is 5% and 7% for coalitions

Party descriptions:

* SMER-SSD- Direction-Slovak Social Democracy (leftist party of three-time prime minister Robert Fico)

* HLAS- Voice (leftist party of former prime minister Peter Pellegrini who split from SMER)

* Progresivne Slovensko- Progressive Slovakia (liberal party)

* SaS-Sloboda a Solidarita- Freedom and Solidary (liberal former ruling party)

* OLANO- Ordinary People and Independent Personalities-OLANO (centrist, anti-graft former ruling party)

* Republika- Republic (far-right party)

* KDH- Christian Democrat Movement (Christian conservative party)

* SME RODINA- We Are Family (centrist former ruling party)

* SNS- Slovak National Party (nationalist party)

* DEMOKRATI- Democrats (centrist, pro-European party led by former prime minister Eduard Heger)

Photo: Slovak liberal party Progresivne Slovensko leader Michal Simecka

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