Sperm bank on the moon necessary to keep world going – scientists claim

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Newscom AU – The Australian news portal and American website New York Post report that scientists have begun to lay plans for repopulation, starting with a sperm bank — on the moon.

S tudy author Jekan Thanga, whose team at the University of Arizona submitted their report, Lunar Pits and Lava Tubes for a Modern Ark, at the annual Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Aerospace ConferenceIn what they’re calling a “modern global insurance policy,” mechanical engineers have proposed that humans establish a repository of reproductive cells, sperm and ova, from 6.7 million of Earth’s species, including humans.

And the proposed bank, or “ark,” would be beneath the moon’s surface. They added that as our planet faces natural disasters, drought, asteroids and the potential for nuclear war (to name a few troubles) scientists say that humans must set their sights on space travel to preserve life as we know it.


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