Surveillance footage from night of Jeffrey Epstein suicide attempt goes missing

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Footage from surveillance cameras monitoring Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell has gone missing, prosecutors have admitted, in the latest twist of the scandal surrounding his life and death.

The footage in question was from the night of his first suspected suicide attempt inside a Manhattan jail, on July 23.

He was found dead inside a different cell in the same jail on August 10.

Epstein’s cell mate, Nick Tartaglione, a former policeman accused of quadruple murder, claimed to have saved Epstein’s life after the suicide attempt. Epstein reportedly claimed that Tartaglione, a bodybuilder, attacked him.

On July 25 Tartaglione’s lawyers requested the surveillance camera footage, hoping that it would bolster his argument that he is of good character.

But this week, Jason Swergold, assistant US attorney, told a court in White Plains, New York, that no one can find the footage from July 23.

Bruce Barket, Tartaglione’s lawyer, said the disappearance of the footage was concerning.

Judge Kenneth Karas asked the government to investigate what happened to the footage.

Epstein’s eventual death, just over a fortnight later, remains the subject of much fascination and conspiracy theories.


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