Switzerland introduces higher fees for Schengen visas

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Switzerland has moved into line with European Union changes to Schengen visa applications that will raise the costs for adults and children aged between six and 12.

Although Switzerland is not a member state of the EU it is part of the Schengen zone, forcing it to adopt the new procedures, which are aimed at making other countries repatriate failed asylum seekers.

From February 2, 2020, the cost of obtaining a visa for the Schengen zone to visit Switzerland will rise from €60 to €80 (CHF65 to CHF92) for adults. The fee for minors aged between six and 12 will rise even more sharply: from €5 to €40.

But the changes also promise to make it more efficient and faster to obtain a visa and an option to fill in applications electronically.

Via SwissInfo/ Swiss Govt



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