TedX Univeristy of Malta to discuss the evolution of our contemporary reality.

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uni logoOur communities are living creatures, morphing endlessly to reflect the life within them. As we change, so do the societies we inhabit, swiftly and obediently. In wielding this power, the human race for long stood alone and almighty. Yet our reign over the shift might soon be over.

We are now starting to question whether the contemporary realities we’ve created are starting to break away from our hold; whether the fruit of our innovation has gained the upper hand over its own creators. Does the ultimate manifestation of human ingenuity stand in losing the power to shape our own destinies? And, if this is indeed where we’re headed, who will command the shift?

This theme will be discussed this Friday, 6th April at 1830h at the University of Malta’s Campus in Valletta.

TedXUniversity of Malta seeks to deliver the world-renowned concept of TED to our shores by providing an unparalleled global platform for local creators, thinkers, movers and shakers to share their ideas with the local community and the world.

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