The Week – 19th October 2019

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Another week passed and the global news cycle was as vibrant as ever.

Brexit took centre stage as the negotiations with the EU intensified with the end result being a successful deal between the EU and the Boris Johnson. Whether this is enough to ensure that the UK leaves on October 31st is still to be seen, especially in view of the events which took place in the Commons on Saturday.

The Brexit topic features in our insightful analysis by CI Consulta’ Matthew Bugeja and in our Brussels’ correspondent Denise Grech viewpoint.

The Turkish incursion on Syria remained topical. The end result of the ceasefire reached late in the week is still to be valued.

The decision by the supreme court in Spain over the Catalonia Referendum sparked violent riots across the region, with Barcelona being the primary venue. editor and senior analyst Tonio Galea analysis the issue and other regional disputes in the continent.

France meanwhile blocked the EU enlargement process to include Albania and North Macedonia in the bloc.

This week, also marked Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination second anniversary. Several cities around the European continent echoed the call for justice, the theme of the commemoration that took place in Malta on the anniversary of the day of the brutal murder.

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