There is no willingness from the US to take the position of its allies seriously

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Transatlantic relations have “already been damaged for some time”, and Germany, although ready for dialogue, is “ready for a fight” for its positions .

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told the weekly Spiegel . The decision on Iran is “a mistake that will have serious consequences in the long run. We, unfortunately, have to take note that there is no willingness on the part of the US to take the arguments of the allies seriously”, he added.

“The change that is taking place in the United States has long involved international relations,” said Maas, pointing out that the tear in the report “was not perceived for the first time with the Iranian affair”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped up her criticism of U.S. unilateralism, saying President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from a nuclear accord with Iran “damages trust in the international order.”

While the accord has flaws and failed to address Iran’s ballistic missile program and involvement in Syria, “nevertheless, I believe that it’s not right to unilaterally cancel an accord that was negotiated, that was confirmed in the UN Security Council unanimously,” Merkel said in a speech on Friday at a religious conference in Muenster, Germany.

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