Thousands attend funeral of 21 year old nurse killed on the border between Gaza and Israel.

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The funeral of Razan al Najar, the 21-year old medic who was shot dead by Israeli forces as she ran to treat injured protesters, was held in the Gazan city of Khan Younes – with thousands of mourners attending.

A senior medical official in Gaza has urged the international community “not to stay silent” and do more to protect civilians protesting at the border fence with Israel.

Mourners went to retrieve her body from the hospital where she and her friends had cared for the injured of this increasingly bloody confrontation along the border between Israel and Gaza. Hundreds cried out as the body of Razan al Najar, wrapped in a Palestinian flag, was held aloft before being placed in an ambulance.

The 21-year-old was a volunteer medic who had attended many of the rallies in Gaza against the decade-long Israeli and Egyptian economic blockade of this tiny strip of land.

The Israeli military says it is investigating the incident but consistently condemns the rallies as a cover for Hamas to attack soldiers at the border.

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