Thousands protest against Prime Minister and Minister of Justice in Prague

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For the second week running, thousands of demonstrators gathered at the Old Town Square to protest against Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis and new Minister of Justice in Prague.

Babis is suspected of alleged misuse of EU subsidies in a total of 50 million Czech crowns (1.9 milion euro) which were invested into the Capi hnizdo (Stork’s Nest) farm in Central Bohemia.

The EU’s fraud office OLAF is investigating the case.

Protesters fear that Minister Marie Benesova, named last week by Babis’s ally President Milos Zeman, might try to clear Babis of the allegations.

Organizers estimated at least 20,000 people filled Prague’s Old Town Square on Monday, making this week’s protest much larger than the one last week, according to CTK news agency.

Protesters carried banners calling for Benesova’s resignation and an independent justice system. They blew whistles and chanted: “We are not blind.”

Thousands of people also took part in protests in other major Czech cities, including Brno and Ostrava.

Via DW / France 24 / EPA