Toblerone to change logo, Matterhorn to disappear from chocolate bars

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Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn mountain is to disappear from the packaging of the famous Swiss chocolate bar, as it is also being made abroad.

The words “made in Switzerland” will also disappear from bars to be made in Slovakia, a spokeswoman said, in accordance with “Swissness” legislation. The spokeswoman for the American group that owns the Toblerone brand said there will be a “modernised mountain logo” instead, and the bear hidden on the side of the Matterhorn will be retained.

The signature of Toblerone’s founder will also be visible. The spokeswoman did not say whether all the packaging would be changed or only that of the chocolate bars produced in Slovakia.

Strict regulations for “Swiss Made” products have been in place since 2017. The aim is to protect the “Swiss” brand from abuse and guarantee a long-term advantage for companies producing in Switzerland.

Toblerone production in Bratislava is due to start in the third quarter of this year. The production line in Bern, where all Toblerone chocolate is currently produced, will continue.

Invented by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann, Toblerone has been produced since 1908. Its name is a combination of the name of its inventor “Tobler” and “torrone”, the Italian name for honey and almond nougat. After several changes of ownership, Toblerone is now manufactured by the Mondelez Group.

Read more via SwissInfo/ Bloomberg

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