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The editorial of The Independent, entitled <<The crossroads of corruption>>, argues that “the events of the past months have focused the attention of the world, especially of Europe, on the many crossroads of corruption that have Malta as their centre.” It adds that on Saturday, the Osservatorio Mediterraneao sulla Criminalita Organizzata e le Mafie (OMCOM) outlined a number of Mafia connections that passed through Malta. It adds that “it is a pity that on this and similar crimes we have to rely on the investigative work of foreign agencies to track down what are alleged to have been the material killers of Daphne (Caruana Galizia)”. The editorial concludes “the entire world is telling Malta to clean up its act and Malta seems to focus solely on settling local political scores. It would be a farce were it not so tragic”.

The editorial is entitled <<Fast ferry service hits turbulence>>. It focuses on the process Gozo Channel adopted to procure the service of a partner, which raised doubts in the way it was done. The editorial says that ‘the investigations by the local Public Contracts Review Board as well as by the EU competition authorities must address the serious doubts that many ordinary people have about this fast ferry service.

<<IL-Wirt lil dawk ta’ warajna>> is the title of the editorial of L-Orizzont. In the editorial, takes a cue from the speech delivered by the Prime Minister yesterday and stresses on the importance of doing politics with the aim of leaving a better country for the future generations.

The editorial of In-Nazzjon is entitled <<Infasslu Futur Flimkien>> and focuses on the reasoning behind the choice of the theme for this General Council of the Party, the ‘forward-looking’ approach being taken by the party and the renewal element the party is going through.

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