Truckmaker Volvo warns of disruption due to semi-conductor shortage

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Swedish truckmaker Volvo expects a shortage of semi-conductors to further disrupt production after problems at its Belgian plant in February, Swedish news agency TT reported.

“We can see that there will be production disruptions, even for Volvo and we have said that will be during the first quarter at least, but it could go on longer than that,” Volvo spokesman Claes Eliasson said.

However, production will not stop completely.

“We have 18 big production facilities globally and we will make local, tactical decisions facility-by-facility depending on what the situation there looks like,” he said.

Volvo said in February the semiconductor shortage had hit production in Ghent, Belgium, and warned of further disruption.

On Wednesday, rival Scania, part of Volkswagen AG’s commercial vehicle arm Traton SE, said it might have to stop production due to the semi-conductor shortage.


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