Trump urges UK to send Farage to negotiate Brexit

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After he backed Boris Johnson as the next British prime minister, US President Donald Trump said the UK should send Nigel Farage to Brussels to conduct Brexit talks with the EU.

In an interview with the UK’s Sunday Times newspaper, Trump said: “I like Nigel a lot. He has a lot to offer — he is a very smart person.”

“They won’t bring him in but think how well they would do if they did. They just haven’t figured that out yet,” Trump added.

The US president also suggested that the UK should walk away from Brexit talks with the EU if the bloc refuses to offer it a better deal. “I would walk away. If you don’t get the deal you want, if you don’t get a fair deal, then you walk away,” he said.

On the Brexit divorce bill, Trump said: “If I were them, I wouldn’t pay 44.6 billion. That is a tremendous number.”

During the interview, Trump again criticized Prime Minister Theresa May’s strategy for taking the UK out of the EU. She is due to step down in the coming weeks over her failure to deliver Brexit on time.

Trump also reiterated his backing for May’s potential successors, including ex-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who have said Britain must leave on the due date of October 31 with or without a deal.

Furthermore, Trump said he would have “to know” the leader of the UK’s opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, before authorizing US intelligence to share its most sensitive secrets with a Labour government.


Via The Sunday Times

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